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    About Yu-CityAbout Yu-City
    About Yu-City
    About Company Profile
    Yu-City Group
    Yu-City is a leading textile company with wide range of quality fabrics for baby strollers, car seats, and other nursery products worldwide. We have our professional service team in Taiwan main office since 1986, Hong Kong branch office, quality experts working team in mainland China factory with ISO 9001, 14001, Oeko-Tex accredited, and earned trustworthy reputation from our respected brand clients.
    Being a well-equipped factory, we offer full manufacturing procedures like dyeing, heat setting, coating, printing, and other post-treatment processing, and proud to say that our Shenzhen factory was chosen as the “National High-Tech Enterprise”, and won several awards from the city government for Intellectual property, patents of inventions, utility models, and initiative software copyrights.
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    With over 30 years of solid foundation in textile manufacturing, Yu-city explores a new horizon with the establishment of “Let’s Green”. It is a sight-seeing factory, and indeed, an invention and implementation of creativity, adopting the hottest trendy form of industrial tourism from Taiwan, and delivering the concept “Protecting Beauty of Nature & Creating Beauty of Life”. Visitors can participate to experience the fun of weaving, dyeing, and printing through DIY process, create own unique fabric souvenirs, learn secrets of producing ECO-friendly fabrics, and gain practical knowledge for popular science with much pleasure. Now, we are known not just for our quality fabrics, but as the FIRST scientific based textile tourist spot in Shenzhen city, and consecutively won more honorable titles, awards from the government.
    Production Environment
    • Greige Warehouse
      Greige Warehouse
    • Dyeing
    • Printing
    • Heat Setting
      Heat Setting
    • Coating
    • Quality Inspection
      Quality Inspection
    • FG Warehouse
      FG Warehouse
    • Factory Photos
      Factory Photos
    • Yu-City Industrial Co., LTD.
    • Address: 12F, No. 260, Sec.2,New Taipei Blvd., Sanchong District, (24158 ) | New Taipei City , Taiwan, ROC
    • Tel: 886-02-29953199
    • FAX: 886-02-2995-9918
    • sales@yu-city.com.tw
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